Do you want to keep track of your health and fitness? Are you aware that there specific apps that can help you out on this? With the current virtual training apps brought to you by technology, you can now monitor your health through your very own gadgets. Unlike before, you do not need to hire a training instructor, dietician or a workout partner to stay fit. All you need is a good health tracking app. But do you know where to find them or which among the many they are? Well, below are some of the best health tracking apps for you to choose one.

1. The Fooducate App

There’s a variety of weight-tracking apps on the market today, yet, very few people have tried them. Fooducate is a modern nutrition app that features more than 200,000 meals for comparison. It also has a system for food recommendations, workout tracking, intake monitoring, and easy food comparison service grades.


However, some of its services are free, while others are chargeable. Better health can lower your hospital bills, boost your moods, and improve your productivity. But with so much in one app, what more can you ask for.

2. MyFitnessPal App

Different health tracking software will have different functionalities. But if you can get one that has everything in it like MyFitnessPal, you should definitely go for it. MyFitnessPal is one of the most effective health apps. It does an exceptional job with keeping your health in check.

With an extensive database of food items, calorie monitoring function, workout tracker, stats on your progress to the capacity to integrate with other fitness and health apps, it will give you all that you desired to achieve your fitness goal.

3. You Are Your Own Gym App

This is one of the most useful and probably the most user-friendly health app available today. Easy to use, this app serves as a food journal, exercise tracker and diet coach, all in one. And while it contains many exercises, none of them requires you to visit the gym.


From the over 180 exercises, video tutorials, workout routines, a diet tracker to daily progress stats, it will be of great help to your dream. What is even unique about the app is that it has a free subscription although some functionalities may not be accessible. Besides, you can perform these workouts from anywhere.

4. OEM Health App

Usually free, this app can be found in almost all handset gadgets. From Google Fit in Google to S Health in Samsung, this app will help you track your fitness, water intake, calorie intake, and any other fitness stats that you may require. However, there’s a risk of getting stuck in their ecosystem once you get used.

5. Medscape App

Tired of a dry cough that won’t go away? Got a fever? With access to its library for prescription bios, you have a wealth of health information at your fingertips. Medscape even covers allergies, has the latest medical news, vitamin suggestions, and over 3,500 illnesses and their control mechanisms. Therefore, you need not worry. All you will have to do is log in, and all your worries will be solved.
Health App 2018
These apps are easy to use, have decent features and are also cheap or even free. However, their directories do not include hospitals, doctors or pharmacies. But most importantly, they are capable of getting you as much help as you needed.