A few years ago, the founders of this site were searching for a technology event to showcase their new invention. After a few the searches, they did not find one that met their needs, and they contemplated to hosting their own. As they were sorting things, they soon realized that they required somewhere to market their conference and that is how this website was born. It later transformed to a blog, and the result is what you are going through now.

This blogging website was established to enhance insight, meaning and also inform readers about the inventions happening in the world of Information Technology. Nonetheless, the company did not stop here as it needed to make remarkable progress to stay ahead of technology. Presently, there is a huge group of users who have an extraordinary interest in technology. This is what is referred to as ‘Generation T.’ The need for data, info and personal connection for this generation is increasing day by day. This blog website focuses on this cross-generational group and assists them to get the best out of technology by informing them via remarkable insights and stories.