Cycling has quickly grown and many people are using it as an option for commuting since most people are nowadays aiming at dealing with climate change by conserving gas to save the entire planet. Well, you can opt to get a bicycle if you do not have one, but it is not just about getting a bicycle, it also about the accessories that your bicycle should have, but that should not worry you anymore because this article will provide you with the relevant information about it.

Cycling helmet

It is very important especially when going for things like the cycling events because they will need you to have it, to get the soft, light and safe straps, you will have to go for helmets that are more expensive, they also have an additional feature which helps in protecting your brain from getting injured.

Uvex Race 5 helmet - back

Bike lock

The most unfortunate part of cycling is the bike theft, you would not want to be a victim of this, but it just happens, therefore having the best bike lock can help you escape from this. These locks come in different rates, some are bronze, and some are silver while some are gold, the gold secure rating is the most secure one.

There are several types of locks, but the popular ones are the U and D locks, the D locks are more popular because of its ability to give a thief a hard time to unlock it.

Bike lights

Having a white front light on your bike and a red rear light that is fitted to the bike when you are cycling before dawn or after the dark is a legal requirement, and to always be on the right side of the law, you should get yourself best cycle lights in the market.


The lumens expose the brightness of your bike’s light, and the front light exists in two categories which include the light for being seen and that for seeing. Light for being seen have up to 100 lumens, they are made in a way that it will enable the other road users to see you clearly, those for seeing normally have 500 lumens and above.


Bikes do not have the ability to stay inflated in its entire lifetime, you will definitely need to pump your bike’s tyres at some point in your cycling life, this will enable the pressure of your tyres to stay on the safe level and hence prevent puncture, it is advisable to get a small and light pump which you can always carry along in the back pocket.

Waterproof jacket

This is a very essential accessory especially during the rainy season or winter when choosing one, you should consider the breathability and the reflective patches, another tip to get the best waterproof jacket is to spend more to get quality.

To have a safe and peaceful bike ride, it is very important that you get the bicycle accessories with you for you to be able to overcome any challenge that you might face when cycling.