Solo travel is becoming more popular than escorted trips. Women are taking higher tendencies to travel solo than men. Statistics done by different organizations and surveys show that solo travels are increasing over the years. Studies done between 2013 and 2015 shows that the percentage of solo trips grew from 15% to 24%.

This is according to the Visa Global Travel Intentions study. Other studies also show that solo travels are getting more advanced. Some of the reasons why people would wish to have solo trips as follows:

1. A desire to make new friends

How Common Is Solo Travel

Travelers who love making new friends will always want to go alone. They tend to feel that when they are alone, they will be flexible to meet and make new friends. This is not for the case when they go with loved ones. It is difficult for an individual who has gone alone to approach someone in a company for friends.

2. Dislike of commitment to people

Travelers who don’t like commitments will also prefer to go for solo travels. When you go along with a friend, especially the loved ones like a wife, husband, or girlfriend, you will have to commit your time and attention to them.

You will be deciding on what to do as a team. Therefore, those who want to be very flexible on their journey prefer to go alone so that they can choose what to do and how to do it. Get More Information here on amazing things to do alone on your tour.

3. Business purposes


Travels for business purposes are typically done solo. There is nothing that your loved one has to do with your journey when going for business. Maybe you are to attend the conference. The loved one becomes irrelevant. For this reason, it is common to see business people traveling alone. It will be a waste of time to take along someone irrelevant for the journey.