Marines can also be called naval infantry. It is an infantry force that has a specialty in naval support and army operations while at sea or on land. It also involves the execution of operations of their own. They are usually an integral part of a country’s navy force.

Infantry Training

The Marine infantry training is typically accomplished with a combination of several parts and activities. These include classroom instruction and teaching, an on the field practical application of the skills learned in the classroom and finally experience with live-fire. The marine instructors tend to offer consistency and continuity in the field of training as well mentoring the new entrants into the marine infantry training.


The mission of marine infantry training is usually to train and equip the marines at entry level with the basic skills required in the specialties of infantry occupations. This provides the operating forces and other marine reserves with soldiers who are able to perform combat operations that are extraordinary.

Duration of marine infantry training

The marine infantry training is usually a course that takes fifty-nine days. According to the Marine Corps School of Infantry, the course formerly used to take fifty-two days. For more details hop over to this web-site.

The course is known to develop marines who are new into infantrymen who are able to fight, survive and emerge victorious from any combat situation.

The beginning two weeks of this course involve familiar skills set which all infantrymen share. The infantrymen receive directives in marksmanship during combat, the application of hand grenades, how to detect and unarm explosive devices that have been improvised and convoy operations. They also get to learn about military activities in a terrain located in an urban area, formations on tactical approaches and the navigation and patrolling of land.


Thereafter the marine infantrymen get specific directives on their infantry occupation specialties. This is in regard to machineguns, reconnaissance or warfare that is anti-tank. This cycle of training involves physical conditioning through training, marches on conditioning and training that is sustaining.

Emphasis is usually put on other traits in leadership and applying the fundamental values in every activity that marine infantrymen engage in throughout their lives as marines.

There is an advanced marine infantry training that is conducted to equip infantry marines with advanced skills, leadership traits, and other important qualifications.

It is important to note that not all people can be marine infantrymen. The field requires people a lot of physical fitness, mental stability, and other tactical skills which are usually tested before joining them.