The mobile and online branch of the travel industry is rising in both popularity and usage nowadays. People rely on their smartphones to do almost everything, including book their accommodations when planning a trip.

Therefore, creating a hotel booking app is, indeed, a good idea but you have to do it well if you want it to stand out. 

After all, there are a lot of apps already on the market that are your main competitors so you’ll have to provide consumers with something truly unique. With that in mind, here are a few ways to make your booking app stand out. 

Do some market research

Research is vital when it comes to developing an app that consumers will be more than willing to opt for. The purpose of the research is to help you understand the travel market in general, as well as help you understand both your target audience and your competition. 

Without relevant data that will help you make more strategic and informed decisions, you’re basically stumbling in the dark. 

Even though online bookings are primarily on mobile, it doesn’t mean you can casually approach this opportunity. A high demand for specific apps or services requires a good strategy if you want to have a competitive advantage, that is. 

Hotel Booking App

Make it efficient

Efficiency and accuracy are two of the most important factors in a booking app. Your consumers expect from your app to provide them with accurate and detailed information regarding various lodgings and accommodations. 

What’s more, they oftentimes expect clear directions towards their destination. That’s why it’s important to opt for one of the most efficient location APIs you can find. 

If your app is not precise and regularly updated, it will soon lose its relevance. For instance, if you choose for your app to cover the worldwide market instead of the local one, you’ll have to make sure that your app is as precise and accurate as possible. 

Make it unique

If you want your app to stand out in the crowd of many, you’ll have to make it truly unique. A unique selling proposition is, therefore, of the utmost importance when creating a hotel booking app. 

How unique your app is going to be depends on you and what you want to provide for your customers. Here are a few examples of unique offers you can add to your app. 

  • Last-minute offers and bookings.
  • Very short stays.
  • Low-cost bookings and offers.
  • Room sharing.
  • Free stay.
  • Home swapping.

In the end, uniqueness comes from both market analysis information and your own creativity and innovation.

Hotel Booking App

Strategies for making your app stand out

Making your app stand out depends on more than how unique it is or how you present it to the consumers. 

You have to drive your app towards visibility and exposure that will make it stand out. For that purpose, you’ll need to implement a few good strategies. Therefore, here are some strategies you should explore. 

  • Automation – Helps you speed things up tenfold.
  • User data – Leverage analytics to provide consumers with custom and personalized offers.
  • Market exploration – Explore niche markets and other opportunities to make your app successful.
  • Digital marketing – Use marketing tactics to boost your app’s visibility, credibility, awareness and exposure.
  • Customer experience – Find ways to boost engagement, satisfaction and loyalty of your consumers.
  • Brand promise – Provide a certain quality and stick with it.
  • Add value – Continuously improve your app to make it competitive and relevant.

The more effort you put into developing and promoting your app, the easier it becomes to make it stand out.


Developing a hotel booking app that will reach success on the market isn’t easy. The main reason is that the market itself is saturated with similar apps already. That’s why it’s important to find a way that will make your app unique to consumers so that it can effectively stand out from the rest of them.