Sons of Anarchy, was one of the most watched television series from 2008 to 2014. The television series became popular as it showcased crime and violence. There have been a lot of claims that Sons of Anarchy is based on Hells Angels which is a world motorcycle club whose members are considered to be involved in crimes. The claim led to several lawsuits against the production of Sons of Anarchy. Below are instances where Sons of Anarchy is based on Hells Angels.

1. The use of motorcycles

The first way in which Sons of Anarchy is based on hells angels is the use of motorcycles. In the television series, you will see bikers on tv, where they use motorcycles to commit the crimes and violence.


On the other hand, hells angels are motorcycle gangs that form the club and causes violence using the motorcycle. The same type of bikes used in the Sons of Anarchy is the same that the members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club use for their gang activities.

2. Characters

The second proof that Sons of Anarchy is based on Hells Angels is the characters. The television series had a big cast, and some of the characters are believed to be members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club. For instance, in the fifth season, the Sons of Anarchy production team used a popular Hells Angels member who made the series more famous among their fans.

3. Hierarchy

In both the television series and Hells Angels, there is a hierarchy. In the Sons of Anarchy, there are different leadership levels involved. There are ranks whereby commands and instructions are made by those at the top and passed down to all levels until everyone has received them.

The same case happens to the Hells Angels whereby, there are various ranks which include the president, vice president, treasurers and other members.

4. The idea of brotherhood

In the Sons of Anarchy, there is a sense of brotherhood among the members of the different motorcycle clubs. The members of each club were completely loyal to each other and lived like a family. If anyone betrayed their family, they could get punished for their actions.


In Hells Angels, the idea of brotherhood is the most important thing in the motorcycle club. Members are supposed to look after each other. To join the Hells Angels motorcycle club, one has to go through rigorous recruitment, and all members have to agree to the decision of a new member.

5. Criminal Activities

In both the Sons of Anarchy and Hells Angels, the bikers are involved in criminal activities. In the television series, the bikers are behind the illegal activities going on in the city. The Hells Angels motorcycle club is known for crimes and violence.

Therefore, it is true that Sons of Anarchy is based on Hells Angels based on the instances provided above. Throughout the seven seasons of the television series, there is the use of motorcycles, crime and violence, hierarchy, and brotherhood which are the same things that are found in Hells Angels.