Escape room games are becoming a popular activity probably due to the fact that they can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. These games have the same concepts of escape video games but the only difference is that this is a physical game where a group of individuals is locked in a certain room with some puzzles and clues to find their way out in a specified time mostly sixty minutes.

If you manage to escape before time elapses, you win but if you don’t, you fail. Most people tend to feel bad when they lose but it’s normal to lose. We care so much about you and if you are planning to play this interesting game, here are tips for you to come out victorious.

Choose your teammates wisely

First things first, the best way to get out of a locked escape room is to choose teammates wisely. This game is all about teamwork and the best thing you can do is to avoid people who don’t like each other, to avoid quarreling that will only keep you locked in the room with nothing to do.


Also, avoid people with a temper problem because when someone loses temper, he or she puts you in a difficult situation and lessens the ability of the group to solve the puzzle and escape. Choose teammates who are good at solving problems and who can work cordially with others to get out of the room.

Eat beforehand and stay hydrated to increase performance

An escape room game is just like any other game and you are likely to burn a lot of calories. This game also requires mental activity which will require fueling and once you stay hydrated and eat beforehand, you’ll be in a better position to remain active.

In addition, having a well-balanced meal that can sustain you for at most sixty minutes is highly recommended as it will reduce the risks of facing early fatigue. If you get dehydrated very first, there is no harm in carrying snacks and water.

Search the room thoroughly

Immediately the door is locked, don’t panic and start observing everything in the room from top to bottom. Look for objects, symbols, and patterns on the surfaces, walls, shelves, cupboards, and ceiling – technically anywhere.


As always, the first puzzle you solve is unique and once you start finding clues and solving puzzles, you’ll realize that one puzzle leads to another puzzle and the easier it becomes for you to get out.

Talk it out

Escape room games are very exciting and they can be fun if you work as a team. Therefore, if you want to get out and win, learn to speak out.

This means that as soon as you find anything you think is a clue and can get you somewhere, let your teammates know and discuss together how that one clue can lead to another clue. Working together and talking to one another is a very important tip to getting you out of the room.

Bottom line

In today’s life, many people are working hard day and night to make ends meet. At times, working too hard could lead to burnout which can affect your overall productivity. The best thing you can do is to organize a quality time out with your friends and workmates and play escape room games which will ensure you improve your problem-solving skills and help you to face life with enthusiasm.