About a decade ago, it was not recommendable to use any free internet security. But presently, the free products that are available to assist in affirming that the computers are secure have come a long way. Indeed, for standard home or small office computer user, free internet security is all that is required. As a windows user, you possess three probable paths when it comes to system security; you can utilize the installed windows defender, install third-party freeware security software, or ignore the security threat ultimately. Here is a list of the leading five internet security suites for windows.

  1. 360 Total Security

360 Total Security360 Total Security is provided as a free security suite by the proficient Chinese Security Firm, Qihoo. Most users see Chinese products as ‘fake,’ but if you give this software your benefit of the doubt, you may realize that it exceeds your expectations. This 360 Total Security software is available in two kinds, Full package and Pared-down or lighter-weight version. The most important thing about this suite is that it has a sleek user interface, nice on eyes, easy to navigate and also has an appealing look and feel.

  1. Avira Free Antivirus

Avira Free Antivirus should not be confused with Avast or AVG, but it is among the best free options presently available. By using this suite, you will realize that it outperforms the ‘big fish’ in the market including McAfee, Norton and Kaspersky. The antivirus scanner offers real-time, and manual protection against all types of hazards and the real-time scans are up to date because they utilize the cloud database to guard your internet against emerging and new threats.

  1. Outpost Security Suite

This suite is comprehensive concerning the features it provides. Although there is a pro version of this suite, it has nothing special to offer. The free version is not overpowered, and it is regarded as the real deal. This antivirus regularly outperforms the alternatives free suites both regarding performance speed and detection rates. The real-time protection ensures that you are safe from photos, files, emails and videos. The suite also integrates its own configurable firewall.

  1. Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet SecurityAs an organization, Comodo is heavily invested in the world of security. Comodo internet is exclusively good free software. It has the ability to eliminate existing malware infections such as rootkits, spyware and zombies that make you complicit in botnet attacks. It also boasts sandboxing abilities as well as memory firewall that secures against buffer overflow attacks. Although it is not the most user-friendly fastest security suite, it will still get the job done perfectly. Compared to how the interface looked a few years ago, it has genuinely improved.

  1. Panda Free Antivirus

Panda free is a new antivirus in the market, and it is proficiently gaining a lot of traction and attention. It secures your internet and computers against Trojans and intruders. The antivirus is light on resources, easy to use and learn and also affirm strong security. If you require a simple solution that is way better than the windows defender, this is the real deal. Nonetheless, it has some challenges because it does not offer data backups, no online shopping protection, no system optimizations and does not also have file protection.