If you are an athlete running for a marathon or just for your first mile, you need to look after your feet. Commonly, people will advise you on the best pair of running shoes to buy, but no one will probably think of the best socks to wear while running.

Running socks are mostly assumed, but they play a significant role in protecting your feet from blisters while running, and it is thus essential that you get a perfect pair of your running socks.

Factors to consider when buying running socks

1. Material


Avoid running socks made of cotton. They could be of no harm while running on a short distance mile, but they could subject your feet to blisters, especially in hot and cold days while going for marathons. The cotton socks absorb moisture, and this can cause blisters on your feet. Consider running socks made of merino material for a comfortable experience while running.

2. Cushioning

You need to get the socks with the right thickness that can comfortably fit you and take up the extra space in your shoe. If your running shoes are abit oversize, then opt for thicker running socks to take up the extra space in the boot.

3. Padding

Look for running socks that are padded to avoid blisters and injuries as well while running.

Best running socks

Below are some of the top choices of running socks on amazon you would consider to protect your feet from blisters.

•The double-layer crew running socks-These socks are cozy due to the double fabric that protects your feet from blisters.


•Merino wool socks-Merino is indeed a suitable material that does not absorb moisture even in cold days, and these socks are thus a great choice to avoid blisters and swelling in the feet.

•Super low cut socks- These socks are made of polyester, cotton, and spandex blend that expels moisture from the feet hence protecting you against blisters.

Choosing the right pair of running socks is very crucial to protect your feet against blisters. Consider the recommended options highlighted herein to get the best pair of running socks.