“Learning how to play golf is a lot like learning how to ride a bike. Initially, it is a struggle. Then, over time, you learn the nuances of the activity that you are doing. Riding a bike requires you to have a specific type of balance that will allow you to stay on the bike without falling.

Many people wonder what the age they should start playing golf. They don’t need to pressurize the kids but they also need them to be healthy and active.

What is the best age to start golf?

Playing golf


There are numerous great products out there to start playing golf. Buying one of these golf materials when your child is two to three years old is a good idea. It’s safe. It’s fun. Your kid can play in indoors and turn the living room into the putting green.

How to begin golf

Playing golf requires you to learn the proper technique of swinging a golf club. This isn’t as simple as raising the club and then swinging away without any thought.

It requires concentration, balance, and a few small steps in maximizing the accuracy and power of your swing. You can click this website   for more information

Get your swing down properly

It is very likely that it will take you at least a few weeks’ worth of playing to really get your swing down properly so that you are hitting the ball as far and as accurately as you wish. The primary hit, or also called the drive, is the first step in learning how to play golf.


We tend to focus on this step for the first few weeks when we teach new players how to play golf. Obviously, once we get a proper swing down we can then focus on the player’s intermediate and short game. For now however, I would like to share with you a couple of tips to help you learn how to play golf quickly.

The first tip I would like you to focus on is to simply hold the golf club properly. The most natural grip for a new player is to interlock the pinky finger of your dominant hand with the thumb of your non-dominant hand.

This will make sure that your hands don’t come apart during the drive. The impact of this is that you will gain better accuracy with your hit because your hands will maintain the same position throughout the drive.


Follow these tips to allow you to take the next steps in learning how to play golf quickly. Once you get your initial swing down properly, you can then begin to focus on the next nuances of your golf game. While golf seems simple to the casual viewer, you will soon realize that there are a lot of steps that you will need to perfect before you have your best golf game possible.