Music is an excellent way of pushing people through their workout. According to research conducted by Ohio State University on patients with lung disease, it showed that the group listening to music walked 24 % more than a group that walked in silence. The following are the best device for listening to music while running.

Finis Neptune


The mp3 player has a 4GB of memory that allows you to add over 1000 songs. It has a battery life of over 10 hours of playback, which gives you enough time to run or jog. You can recharge the device using a USB cable. The device is waterproof hence even suitable for swimming. find out more here about the best device for listening to music while running.

SanDisk clip jam

It’s lightweight and comes with an 8 GB of storage, allowing you to add over 2000 songs. It has an everlasting battery life of up to 8 hours of great sound.

It comes with a big bright screen and large navigation buttons. It has an FM radio to help you listen to your local news.

Sony Walkman NW-WS623

It looks like a wireless headphone, but with either 16GB or 4GB internal storage. It’s waterproof and sweatproof, making it ideal for running. The ergonomic in-ear design helps it stay securely on your head. The device has a quick-charge option, and you get 1 hour of charge in three minutes.

Apple watch series 5

You can load your favorite music from iPhone’s music app. You can also pair with your phone using Bluetooth without having to carry your phone around. If you have an active Apple Music subscription, you can get wireless access to your entire music library.


Whether you listen to music or not while running, just remember, the ultimate goal is to enjoy your workout, so do whatever helps you achieve this goal! Keeping a healthy balance of listening to something you want to listen to while straining your body is essential to anyone’s health.