We all have wheelchair users that we’re associated with in our lives. Be it a friend, a child, a sibling, a parent, or a member of the extended family, these people are a vital part of us, and we love them very much. There comes a time when we may choose to gift them, either during the holidays or just to celebrate and make them happy.

However, choosing the perfect gift for a wheelchair user isn’t an easy task. There are lots of factors to consider otherwise your chosen gift will be unusable.

Let’s look at what makes a perfect gift for someone in a wheelchair to help you make a wise choice.

It Shouldn’t Demand Leg Use

Let’s face it, people using wheelchairs already have issues with their legs. Their legs are weak, and that’s why they’re in a wheelchair in the first place. Therefore, choosing a gift that demands leg use will only render it unusable.


Instead of making them happy, it can even make them disappointed and frustrated because there is no point of getting a gift they can’t use. They’ll take it and probably keep in a store somewhere and forget about it, or even re-gift it to someone else, which you may not want.

The Gift Should be Safe

Many people in wheelchairs have issues with their balance, and they’re at the risk of falling. Falling is dangerous and can cause injury, embarrassment, and anxiety.

Therefore, before you gift a wheelchair user anything, evaluate the gift you have in mind. Does it increase or compromise the individual’s safety. If the individual loves playing computer games and you’ve chosen to gift him a gaming device, is it safe to use? You can read more here about, How can I be a healthy gamer.

It Should be Lightweight

Do you want a gift that your loved will be using every day? Then choose something lightweight. Since they’re seated most of the time, going for a considerably heavy item means they won’t be able to use it. And even if they manage to use it, it’ll drain all their energy and make them tired. Therefore, choose a comfortable to use and lightweight gift.


Choosing a gift for a wheelchair user is a daunting task. Because of their condition, your chosen item should follow certain rules. Follow these tips and you’ll land at the perfect item. Make sure you choose something functional and thoughtful.