Keeping records is an assignment that can sometimes shorten the time medical practitioners are out of shift. For practitioners in small and medium-sized health centers and clinics, record keeping may be one of the various responsibilities they have to keep their businesses running.

Outsourcing medical transcription to an outside service provider can help increase the resources and free time for practitioners. This allows them to put more focus on serving the patients while offering them a relief that their documents are secure and accurate.


For medical transcriptions, you need a service that can send back your documents as fast as possible with no errors. Documentation errors are not only unsafe to patients, but they also increase the liability problems for your facility.

In addition, charting that is not accurate and timely can lead to immense loss of revenues as a result of insurance billing delays or mistakes. Companies that provide medical transcription services offer both accuracy and security by combining both transcriptionist services and technology.

Below are some of the companies from where you can find good transcription services.


MedScribe has an experience of over 20 years in the field of medical transcription. The service is recognized for their top-notch security and a great variety of transcription-capture and delivery alternatives to accommodate various sizes of practices.

Speaking with doctor

Their maximum turnaround time from when they get your transcriptions to when you get the dictation is 24 hours, which is the best in today’s market. However, the overall turnaround time depends on the document type. For example, reports for emergency rooms have an average turnaround time of approximately four hours.


Acusis provides its medical transcription services for big hospitals and medium and large clinics. You need a contract to hire this service which makes it an ideal transcription company for facilities seeking for a lasting transcription service incorporated in their system.

This transcription service offers robust security and software aspects.

World Wide Dictation

This company has been offering medical transcription services for more than 50 years. With no fees for setting up an account or long-lasting contracts, the company prides itself for being attentive to details, wide-ranging transcription tools, and sophisticated security. They also screen the typed transcripts for errors using quality control checks. This screening offers you professional and exhaustive documentation for effortless archiving and retrieval.

Same Day Transcriptions

This transcription company a ten years’ experience in the industry, serving small, medium, and community medical facilities. This service does not provide long-term contracts or charge startup fees.


Thus, they rely on long-term success through offering excellent services to their customers. Transcriptionists work from the offices of the company to ensure the security of your dictated information.

Global Medical Transcription (GMT)

Global Medical Transcription (GMT) provides excellent services to their customers. Their medical transcriptions are screened four times to ensure accuracy that exceeds the expectations of the most thorough practitioners


Medical transcription companies make space for the staff and resources to concentrate on patients. The services are cost-effective, and thus they reduce the overall costs while reducing errors and improving billing. An excellent transcription company ensures the security of both the staff and the patients, as well as timely delivery.